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Tech4freedom - Box functionalities

Image Box Tech4freedom One4ALL with its features

We believe that each person has the right to provide his full potential to the world, regardless each one′s strengths and weaknesses.

We also believe that today, the full potential can be achieved by enjoying nice experiences.

Tech4Freedom, Alan Turing Award to Social commitment english

Consequently to our convictions:

We improve the autonomy of people through affordable technologies, by providing economic and social value to society.

To do so, we provide to society complete technological solutions in functionalities, appealing to experience and easy to use,
approaching them to every corner in the world.

“Those who say it can′t be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.”
Joel A. Barker

Box functionalities

A world of experiences, one device
The Box will guide you along every single step, neither learning, nor training required.

  • Click here for more colour Recognition
  • Click here for more info RFID
  • Click here for more info Proximity sensor
  • Click here for more Environmental information
  • Click here for more Orientation: Compass
  • Click here for more light source and light intensity detector
  • Click here for more Thermometer
  • Click here for more Emergency charger for the user’s smartphone
  • Click here for more Leveling function

Colour Recognition

“I enjoy taking care of flowers If I know their color accurately, I can take better care of them if any illness appears.
“It′s nice to be certain that I wear my turquoise skirt, not the green...”
“And what about decorating my bedroom? I like warm style decoration colors such as orange, or pale yellow...not red.”
“Now I can have an accurate information about the colour of objects and surfaces.”

T4F: “Find the perfect colour accuracy which fits with your style.”
“The color detection app provides several levels of color identification.”
- Standard colour identification:
- Advanced colour identification:

And coming Soon:
Some colors give me a special sense. Yes, they have a special meaning for me, and so, I would you like to personalize my own color palette

T4F: Personal customization of colour labeling: Allows you to label a colour with a self chosen name. Name this special colour that is especially useful for you and your community. Eg:
Sunset Orange.
Red Flag
White Star

NFC: Labeling and objects recognition

“I prefer to know by myself whether this is the milk or the juice brick...”
“Now I can store and easily identify the jar of rice, chickpeas or lentils in a few seconds.”
“Is this one my toothbrush or my sister′s?”
“In my office, I will identify the coffee type I like, or my cup.”

T4F: “User friendly designed, you can fit the Tag, name it, store it and useit, in a few seconds.”
T4F: “With the NFC Tags provide with your Box you can label, whatever you need and name it with your own voice or with your smartphone′s keyboard.”

...And some additional surprises coming soon

Smartphone remote controller

“Heeyy!! I wanna have only one device in my hands. Don′t miss this important issue my friends!!”
T4F: “Thanks for your thought”.

You can manage all the functions of your One4All Box, thanks to our unique 3D gesture control, located for your full comfort, within reach of your thumb.
Simply turn on the T4F application on your smartphone, take your Box and start to navigate from one function to another using only the 3D gesture control.

And coming Soon:
-Low distance radar

Environmental information: humidity and temperature

“If the outside weather it′s warm enough, I will wear my nice jean jacket”
“I wanna be sure that my baby′s room is at the proper temp and humidity so that she has a comfortable night”

T4F: “Place Your Box, wait a few minutes and you will get the results in your smartphone.”

And coming Soon:
Weather station
Providing: Temperature, Humidity, Air pressure... and a little more...

Orientation: Compass

Now I will react properly when I hear “turn 10 degrees to the right”...Yes, it seem to be easy, but believe me, it′s not without the right tool.

T4F: Find the right direction regardless your situation.
And coming Soon:
Watch orientation
Accurate elevation

Light source and light intensity detector

“It′s time to go. Let′s check if the lights are off, the curtains are closed and also which ones.”
“I wanna leave a smooth light on in my baby′s bedroom, Is it On?”
“I want to make sure that I′m well placed under the beach umbrella”

T4F: The Box provides a proportional sound and real light value simultaneously to give you the information with the needed accuracy even in very sunny environments and very dark situations.

Object′s temperature:

Is the oven already at the right temperature?
Let′s check it by pointing the inner walls of the oven with the Box.
Is the oil in the pot already at the right temperature?
Yes, I can start cooking.
Is the freezer at the right temperature?

T4F: The Objects temperature allows you to know the temperature of any object in a very fast and easy way.

Emergency charger for the user′s smartphone.

Me: “I like technology, but I′m tired to carry several devices and I can′t avoid to carrying a power bank“

T4F: “With the One4All Box you won′t need anymore to carry a power bank.“
“The Box has a high capacity battery so that you can use it as a power bank, allowing about 2 complete charges of your smartphone (depending on your usage requirements of the Box)“

Leveling function

The wall picture is slightly tilted. I will level it.
I can show my students how the angles in trigonometry look like
I want to make sure that my workbench is properly leveled

T4F: Just place your One4All Box on the object and move the object till meet the leveled position, the Box is informing you by voice.

Beacon Functionalities

  • Click here for more Approaching alarm to a place, person, or object selected
  • Click here for more Estrangement alarm from a person, object or place selected.
  • Click here for more Easy creation of safe play areas, where the user will know, when necessary, his relative position

Parental Care

I wanna go to the public garden to make my son and daughter enjoy a nice afternoon of outdoor games. Now I can know where are each one of them.
Even if he, she or both are going too far, I will know it immediately from my smartphone, and simultaneously with a sound arriving from their exact position.

Heyy!! I can also use it to make a tour with a guide. So I can make my way, and be sure that I will not lose the group.

Playground: fast, safe areas creation

It′s great to be able to play soccer with my brother. Every afternoon I create in 2 minutes a playground area, and we make our football match. T4F: Easy creation of safe play areas anywhere, where the user will know, when necessary, his relative position.

Approaching alarm to a place, person, or object selected

And coming soon I spend some days in a country house, is very nice, but some places are a bit difficult to find.
Now the way to the swimming pool is very simple; I′ve placed easily my own beacons anywhere I wanted, and when I′m approaching the located areas, I immediately know the right direction.
I placed additional beacons in all places of my interest. My days are pleasant. I just concentrate on enjoying my stay.

Same case as in the Box One4All, many great developers worldwide are creating new apps for the Beacons.
We welcome all of them in our open platform.
Find new available functions mid-2018.

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