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The Box; Small device fitted with sensors obtaining and analysing information from the surroundings and transmitting it to the user through his own smartphone.

Contains a large part of the sensors of the kit, and is the brain of the entire system. Coordinates all sensors, both internal and external to the Box.

All the Box functionalities are managed from the user’s Smartphone, in a user friendly way.

Box functionalities

Colour RecognitionColour Recognition
RFIDNFC: Labeling and objects recognition
Proximity sensorLow distance proximity sensor
Environmental informationEnvironmental information: humidity, temperature and ambient light
Orientación: BrüjulaOrientation: Compass
Light source and light intensity detectorLight source and light intensity detector
ThermometerThermometer: body and objects temperature
Emergency charger for the user’s smartphoneEmergency charger for the user’s smartphone

Kit Tech4Freedom

The Tech4freedom kit is composed of:

  • The tech4freedom Box
  • 50 pcs. NFC-Tags
  • 2 beacons

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