Jaume Cunill is the newest member of the Leading Cities Barcelona Local Advisory Board. Mr. Cunill is the CEO of Tech4freedom where he leads a social approach to technology that improves the quality of life for individuals with sensory impairments. Mr. Cunill’s commitment to developing and advancing such uses of technology provides positive impact and we warmly welcome him as a valuable member of our ecosystem.


Tech4Freedom is a technology company whose mission is to provide to society complete technological solutions in functionalities appealing to experience and easy to use, approaching them to every corner in the world. It’s vision: Improve the autonomy of people through affordable technologies, by providing economic and social value to society.

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Jaume Cunill

Mr. Cunill has a degree in economics from the University of Barcelona, and a post-graduate degree in Executive Education programs from INSEAD The Business School of the World, Paris, and ESADE Business School (Barcelona). Jaume works with the ESADE  foundation as a volunteer consultant, providing valuable insight and experience to help NGOs.

In 2011, Mr. Cunill registered a patent on interactive clothing that helps people with vision loss in their sporting activities. Since then, Jaume assembled and leads the best team of people for their human and professional skills and together they have moved his project from patent to reality.

Mr. Cunill serves as a member of the board of ACIA (Catalan Association of Artificial Intelligence). He believes that through technology, accessibility can become the best way to create both economic prosperity and social welfare for all society.

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