The College of Engineering in Computer Science of Catalonia (COEINF) debuts its commissioner for accessibility and usability of technologies. With this new position COEINF seeks to offer its members and society, knowledge and tools necessary for an increasingly competitive market where customers have special needs. Today, accessibility and usability are essential elements to create competitive and quality products and services.

The COEINF recognizes the need for this new position due to continuous change of European and national legal framework in favor of accessibility and the need for digital transformation of society committed to inclusion and universal design in all technology products and services.

Jonathan Chacón, the new commissioner and responsible for user experience at Tech4Freedom, expressed his willingness to work with COEINF to disseminate the advantages and needs of universal design and expose accessibility as a quality criterion when designing technological products and services .

To this end, Jonathan, as commissioner of COEINF, will support its members with informative and formative events, co-design experiences as well as advice for COEINF when undertaking projects for new technologies for accessibility and universal design as priority criteria in projects to create quality products and services.

Published in COEINF.