The European Commission has awarded a grant to this innovative social project under Horizon 2020

Almost four million people in Spain and one billion in the world can not realize their full potential for accessibility barriers. These people with special needs (who suffer one or more disabilities and / or medical pathologies) are less likely to intervene in society; In the environment that surrounds them …

Given this scenario, a team of engineers (ICT specialists) from the company aTICser has promoted a technology project to service these people based on the concept Smart Accesibility. This is the project Tech4Freedom that Jaume Cunill, Miquel Boix, David Carrillo, Genaro Delgado and José Antonio Albacete is now a reality.

The extensive experience and prior knowledge in hardware and software technological architectures of the aTICser team has made it possible for technology to be the best ally to achieve a more inclusive society that not only creates social well-being, but also prosperity.

Accessibility is already an economic benefit for all, today.

Jaume Cunill, founder and CEO of Tech4Freedom, is one of the many voices that stand in favor of seeing accessibility as a value for society and not as a cost (backed by actions). “For projects like Tech4Freedom to be successful it is imperative to look at the world, but, above all, we have to look at people to solve their real needs; Technology is an excellent means to achieve it, “said Cunill at the Alan Turing Award for social commitment to the project in February of this year.

Tech4Freedom solves, thanks to the technology, different needs of people who live with some type of diversity. This innovative high-level solution (BOX 1.0) consists of a set of personal assistance devices equipped with sensors. These sensors respond to the specific needs of any person, whatever their need or particularity. Today, it is the most complete wireless sensor system in the world since it can also be customized according to the needs, activities or preferences that the user needs to cover. Among these needs may be: color recognition, orientation, monitoring of medical parameters, etc.

On the other hand, BOX 2.0 (an advanced version) will integrate own and third-party solutions. In fact, several Spanish companies, but also Polish and American have already expressed their interest in integrating their solutions in this new version.

In the second quarter of 2017, aTICser will begin the distribution of Tech4Freedom in Europe, and the team of engineers forming this innovative project is already looking for location in Silicon Valley to settle in the most technological valley in the world and begin the American conquest.

Technology, social welfare and economic prosperity come together at Tech4Freedom: a solution that breaks down the barriers so people can reach their full potential. Organizations and companies from 14 countries participate in the development and distribution of Tech4Freedom products.

Posted in LA VANGUARDIA on 10/17/2016

In Prague with the computer simulator developed by T4F

Jaume Cunill in awards of “La Nit”

Smartphone of a user shows the color detected by the BOX

Monitoring heart rate and sweating

T4F detecting air obstacles