The event, organized by the ACCIÓ office in Silicon Valley, was held on Thursday, September 15th in the framework of Disrupt San Francisco, the world’s premier event of start-ups with disruptive technologies.

Catalan companies make a pitch of their projects and meet with US investors in order to find funding to start or consolidate their presence in the United States.

These are digital health projects, internet of things (IOT), artificial intelligence, augmented reality and digital technologies applied to agriculture and education.

15 Catalan start-ups present their projects to 50 US investors and companies with the aim of finding financing and potential partners to start or consolidate their presence in the United States. The working day, organized by the ACCIÓ office in Silicon Valley, is held at SAMSUNG headquarters in this region.

Called DemoDisrupt, the act allows Catalan emerging companies to present their business through a pitch and then meet individually with American contacts. Catalan start-ups involved are Agroptima, Broomx Technologies, Bwom Technologies, Eodyne, Gestoos, HealthApp, Kompyte, Ledmotive, Mint Labs, Tech4Freedom, Restb, Sekg, Mediktor, TheConstruct y Zolertia.

The DemoDisrupt part of the participation of these emerging companies in the Disrupt SF 2016, the most important event in the world of start-ups with disruptive technologies held this week in San Francisco and organized by the US technology company Tech Crunch. The 15 start-ups will have been able to present their projects of disruptive innovation to the region’s entrepreneurial ecosystem in an event that brings together more than 5,000 Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, 400 start-ups from other invited countries and major capital funds Risk and American technology corporations.

For the first time, the Government of the Generalitat has been present in the Disrupt SF through ACCIÓ -the agency for the competitiveness of the company- own stand. In total, 128 Catalan companies submitted applications to be part of this mission, and the selected ones have received advice and support from ACCIÓ to prepare the presentations they will make to investors in the United States.

In the Disrupt SF of this year have highlighted the projects of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, autonomous driving, robotics and the Internet of Things (IOT). Speakers such as Ash Carter (US Secretary of Defense), John Hake (CEO of Niantic, creator of Pokemon Go), Marni Walden (executive vice president of Verizon, who recently acquired Yahoo), Shervin Pishevar (founder of the Sherpa Capital investment fund, which has invested in companies such as Airbnb or Uber), Marc Andreessen (co-founder of Netscape and co-author of Mosaic, the first web browser created in the 1990s), the American writer of Science fiction Neal Stephensen or vice president of Facebook Adam Mossers.

List of participating Catalan companies:

Agroptima: 20,000 users already use the software created by this start-up that allows farmers to control their farm from mobile phone to increase productivity through automatic data collection via sensors.

Broomx Technologies: MadKameleon creators of the device, which allows viewing virtual reality and video in 360 degrees in physical spaces (such as rooms, meeting rooms or theme parks) without using virtual reality goggles.

Bwom Technologies: presents a technological tool for intimate women ‘s health, which consists of an application on the mobile that offers a quiz and custom exercises aimed at preventing and improving the quality of life of women through intelligent artificial intelligence.

Eodyne: in order to lower costs and improve the quality of rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a stroke or stroke, the start-up has created the virtual reality platform Rehabilitation Gaming System, which has already received certification The EU and clinical validation and that allows to follow a rehabilitation program in a clinic or at home.

Gestoos: it has developed software that recognizes gestures of people and analyzing their behavior in real time, so that any surface or object screen can become interactive.

HealthApp: is a start-up dedicated to the development of therapeutic applications that connect doctors and patients. The first TCApp development is an application to treat eating disorder and obesity that is already used in more than 15 hospitals.

Kompyte: discloses an intelligent platform that records the activity online of competition and analyzes in real time.

Ledmotive: presents a new intelligent LED lighting technology connected to the Internet. It is a technology that allows the identifycation of any spectrum of light, either from the Sun or from an artificial source, and reproduce it in the moment in a lamp located anywhere in the world.

Mint Labs: the company develops technology to better understand the human brain and neurological disorders. Provides a cloud-based platform to accelerate workflow for neuroimaging research, with start-up algorithms that help specialists manage and classify millions of brain images, automatically identify anomalies, reduce time and R & D costs and accelerate the development of new therapies for neurological diseases. It currently stores more than 200,000 brain scanners.

Tech4Freedom: Tech4Freedom brings more autonomy to people with diversity through technologies. Today, people with functional or cognitive diversity have to face constant challenges to perform the activities of their daily lives. The start-up device, the Box, and its mobile application platform provide the necessary tools to users so that they can reach their full potential in both their private and professional lives. The Box analyzes the situation of the environment, providing relevant information to user based on the activity that is performing at each moment. offers based on artificial intelligence for intelligent image recognition, effectively automating sorting tasks or real – time visual interpretation solutions.Through its own technology Deep Learning and convolutional Neural Networks it is possible to quickly train customized vision models for each business need with human-like precisions.

Sekg: is a cloud platform to carry out an emotional and user behavior when they consume content or play a game analysis. The solution translates in real time the information collected by wearable devices in relevant statistics, both by the user and for the companies.

Mediktor: 1.2 million people have already made use of this solution in the field of health, a system that recommends the user which decisions taken after the first symptoms of disease appear.

The Construct: Construct The team found that when students learn robotics have a problem putting it into practice because of the difficulty of accessing a real robot. For this they have developed a web app that allows students to use any robot in the world through a web simulation.

Zolertia: with customers in Europe and the United States, the start-up is taking the Internet of Things (IOT) to the Internet of small things. Through a small hardware that is easily installed in any product, it makes the object intelligent, autonomous and connected to the internet.

ACCIÓ is the public agency for the competitiveness of the Catalan company of the Generalitat of Catalonia. It promotes the improvement of the Catalan business fabric through the internationalization-innovation binomial, making available to the company 36 Foreign Trade and Investment Offices covering more than 90 markets. In addition, it advises Catalan companies to obtain funding, helps them to grow through training programs and guides them in the field of clusters. It is also responsible, through the Catalonia Trade & Investment area, for attracting foreign investments in Catalonia.

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