Tech4Freedom has recently participated in M-Enabling Forum Europe and in the 36th Annual Conference Closing the Gap, two important International events about accessibility and technology.

In the first edition of M-Enabling Forum Europe, carried out on the 27th September in Düsseldorf (Germany), Jaume Cunill, CEO of Tech4Freedom, took part in the Roundtable “Smart Accessibility, Engine of Prosperity for All Society: Keys to Turn It into a Global Trend”, an act very welcome for the event attendants and massively shared in the social network in all Europe. In M-enabling Forum Europe, Tech4Freedom also counted with a display zone where attendants could get to know better the tools that the company has developed to bring people more autonomy.

On the other hand, from 26th to 28th September, Tech4Freedom participated in the 36th Annual Conference Closing the Gap, in Prior Lake (Minnesota, United States). There, the representatives of the company offered a conference under the name of “Take Control of Your Life by taking control of Technology”.

Cunill shows great satisfaction of the team “to have been invited to be active participants in these reference events”. “Our goal is to improve people’s autonomy via affordable technologies easy to use”, he explains, and appreciates “the opportunities offered by these meetings to share knowledge and the visibility to reach each corner of the world”.

About Tech4Freedom

Tech4Freedom is a technology-based company that develops devices which provide short-term real solutions for visually impaired and blind people, and in a long-term to other disabilities like the intellectual or motor impairments. They developed a little device (The Box) equipped with sensors that obtain and analyse the environment information and transmit it to the user through their own Smartphone. They also count with UFO, a device that allows people to locate other people, create playing zones, identify places and other media resources. Tech4Freedom also offers the users their knowledge and experience in their consulting service.