4YFN (4 Years From Now), at the Montjuïc Fair, is far removed from the air of theme park that the Mobile World Congress adopts in the hours of more concurrence. There are no strident devices, ‘techno’ music nor should you queue everywhere. It is the meeting point of the growing community of technological start-ups, the effort of the entrepreneurs to become a place in the sector is breathed. If the start-ups that are presented get to make contacts or get investors, they will be closer to the 4YFN target: to have consolidated within four years, as the name of the event indicates. About 20,000 people are expected to attend this event this year, which would increase participation by 60%. 600 start-ups and 700 investors meet in three days.

Tech4Freedom has been present in 4YFN, with many interviews and with great media impact, with radio and press interviews. The newspapero “ara” has selected it as one of the five Catalan companies that have devised very different devices, but with a common objective: to make life easier for us.

It has introduced Tech4freedom as the start-up with devices to bring technology to the world. “We think technology can help people overcome the barriers to doing jobs in their daily lives,” explains Jonathan Chacón, responsible for user experience and accessibility. “The technology is very visual, of screen,” explains Chacon, which marginalizes some groups such as, for example, people with blindness.

That is why Tech4freedom has developed two devices that connect to the ‘Smarthone’ using Bluetooth technology. One of the devices has a color sensor, a laser thermometer, a proximity sensor, and other features to help visually impaired people in their daily lives. The second device that the company presents is a ‘beacon’, a sort of alarm that is connected to the ‘smartphone’ and alerts the user with an alarm when the wearer walks away. “This allows you to go for a walk with your child, for example,” says Chacon. Four years ago the company develops these devices and this year launches them to the market.