Tech4Freedom is present at the Smart City Expo World Congress (SCEWC) to present BOX 1.0 ONE4ALL, an innovative high-level solution that consists of a set of personal assistance devices, equipped with sensors. These sensors respond to the daily needs of people with visual disabilities. Nowadays, it is the most complete wireless sensor system in the world that can be adapted to the needs, activities or preferences that the user needs to cover. Among these needs may be: color recognition, orientation, monitoring of medical parameters, etc.

Tech4Freedom is one of the 18 companies that Barcelona Activa accompanies to the Smart City Expo World Congress to connect Congress with the business community and local talent and to reverse in the city opportunities in this sector, Barcelona Activa organizes in the current edition of the SCEWC a job market and a meeting between large companies and startups in Barcelona.

Tech4Freedom brings more autonomy to people through technologies. Today, blindness or diversity people have to face constant challenges to carry out the activities of their daily lives. The start-up device, the BOX ONE4ALL, and its mobile application platform provide users with the tools they need to reach their full potential in both their private and professional lives. The BOX analyzes the situation of the environment, providing the relevant information to the user based on the activity that is performing at any time.


Participates in this survey on visual impairment and helps its diffusion.