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Family care

Tech4Freedom FamilyCareDownload Family Care on Itunes

The UFO Tech4Freedom together with our Family Care application allows you to keep track of people, pets or objects you cherish and locate them quickly if they go beyond the limits you select. All this in a very simple way. In addition, you will be able to know if they enter or leave the safety zone. To do this, put a UFO in your child pocket, on your pet’s harness, or inside your backpack so you always know where it is.

You can go to a shopping mall with your friends, without fear of losing them, you can also follow a guided tour at your own pace, with the peace of mind that if you leave the group, you will realize immediately and be able to locate them quickly.

Examples of use:

  • I go on a trip and take a suitcase, a backpack with my laptop and my personal bag. I have put a UFO in each of them and I have selected the nearest distance. Now I am much less tense while waiting to board and can enjoy chatting with my family.
  • A group of friends and I have gone to the shopping centre. Everyone has a UFO and I run the App. I select the distance that is going to be most convenient for us to move in comfort and enjoy the visit.

Holiday trick:

I put a UFO inside the Tech4Freedom waterproof bags, so I’m much more relaxed when I go to the beach with my kids. And they can play and bathe whenever they want.

A trick for travellers:

Using the same UFO’s, you can also activate them in the Take Control application, and when you are waiting at the “Baggage Claim” you can make the UFO’s that you have put inside the suitcases buzz, as the App will let you know when they are approaching.

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Tech4Freedom PlayGroundDownload Playground on Itunes

The UFO Tech4Freedom together with our Playground application allows you to create game experiences in which by making your UFOs buzz in a sequential and organized way you can orientate yourself in a playing field, follow a route and invent games in which time and sound are important.

Set up your UFOs indicating a position, a sound and the pause and repetition times. Your UFOs will buzz in the order you have set and with one of the 6 possible sounds. By placing your UFOs at the corners of the playing field or in strategic areas, you can create inclusive games that everyone can play.


  • Place a UFO on the goal’s crossbar and make it buzz every minute so players know where the goals are.
  • Invent a group game in which the players must perform a specific action when the UFOs are buzzing. For example, the game of blind man’s buff in which when the UFOs are buzzing, people have to clap their hands so that the blind man knows where people are hiding.
  • Place several UFOs in a circuit and make them buzz at reasonable intervals so that the players can run round the circuit.
  • Create a speed track to run 50 or 100 meters flat. Prepare it and train even if you are alone.

Share new ideas for using your UFO’s

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Take control

Logo Tech4Freedom Take ControlDownload Playground on Itunes

The UFO Tech4Freedom together with our Take Control application allows you to adapt the device to your immediate needs. We could say that Take Control is a personalized creator of functions.

Identify the different rooms and areas of the buildings you visit the most.

Create a map of points of interest.

Create reminders and things to-do lists

Identify your towel on the beach

Link it to a website

When you signal zones or points of interest; each one will be identified with a name and a description to your liking since you will write this information yourself. You can identify each zone with different sizes by adjusting the distance at which each UFO will be detected. For example you can place a UFO in the break room and activate it from a long distance and place another UFO in the coffee machine and detect it from a short distance.

In each area you can also include an internet link to more information. The coffee machine UFO includes the description of the machine and a link to access the list of beverages available.

You no longer have to wait for someone to place beacons and create maps of a building. Create your own maps with UFOs and take control!

Examples of other uses:

  • During the week I always eat at the same restaurant. I leave a UFO inside, so when I enter the room, the menu of the day appears on the screen of my mobile.
  • Tomorrow when I arrive at the office, I must call the client immediately to confirm the delivery time I promised. I add his phone number in the description and so all I have to do is confirm the call when it appears on my screen.
  • I have found a very good risotto recipe on the Internet. I put a UFO in the kitchen and paste the risotto link in Take Control. When I get home at night, the recipe will appear on my mobile and I’ll have my dinner fixed.
  • I’m going to my new workplace. I place several UFOs in the office rooms, meeting rooms and a couple of them at the main entrance and at the water fountain. Now I can move around the new office with my stick.
  • I’m going on a weekend break with my family to a cottage in the mountains. I place my UFOs at the front door, in our parking space and near the pool. That way I can walk outside the house with no worries and I can locate myself by making the UFOs buzz.
  • I place a UFO at the door of the house and that way I can locate the door of the house when I walk back down the street with my stick or my guide dog.

Share new ideas for using your UFO’s

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