In the last years the revolution in mobile devices is changing both the technological habits of people and the way of communicating. Even habits of health, sport and commercial and leisure activities are being affected by the permanent connectivity of people to the Internet and its services through mobile devices.

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The smartphone as an extension of the person

Current smart phones or smartphones have many functions, sensors and communication channels that allow us to interact in some ways with our environment.

Its almost permanent Internet connection allows us to participate in social networks, consult prices and contents as well as to look for information about tourist places, restaurants and commercial areas. All this are looking to enrich the experience of living in the city.

The sensors that incorporate most smartphones allow identifying the place where the user is, the position of the phone and some information of the environment. All this enables mobile applications installed on the phone offer user experiences more accurate and comprehensive.

This is causing a technological evolution in cities and businesses. Concepts such as smart cities (smart cities) no longer understand without users with Internet – connected devices.

The technological advances of smartphones have also caused a technological evolution in the use of sensors. Wearables and home automation (smart clothes) are an example of this evolution. At the moment we can find multitude of technological and sensible elements by the city, the work and the home. Even about ourselves.


Tech4Freedom project is developing a sensory extension for our smartphones seeking to offer services to people with disabilities to overcome physical, social and mental barriers.

This device incorporates sensors to detect the ambient temperature, obstacles, contact elements of the environment and various functions that allow mobile application developers to create new services through a smartphone contacting with Tech4Fredom device to achieve a greater understanding of the environment.

You can see a descriptive video Tech4Freedom English to know their possibilities.

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