10 crazy couple scenes that remind you of someone!

Our readers during the past months have sent us ten unreal but really happened scenes during their relationship!

unreal but really happened scenes during their relationship

This probably wouldn’t have happened to them if they had been more careful in selecting their partner during the first meeting….


When during an evening walk in a public park (unknown to me), at some point he turns towards me with a shocked look, kisses me in all haste and takes off running, leaving me there like a like an idiot that could hardly be Cinderella at Midnight.


When, on our first date, we take a ride down the river and he wanted us to do it among the rats. I wasn’t feeling it, because of the whole situation and especially because we didn’t know each other at all. He burst into tears and told me it was obvious I wasn’t the right person for him.


When, the first time I go to his house after a night out (we met the same night), we do what we have to do and the next morning he says “I’m sorry, I know it’s not the best, but I don’t remember your name” … as if that wasn’t enough, after a while his parents come in and I find his father next to the bed (I’m covered up to my eyes with embarrassment) who picks up my bra asking “Where did this thing come from? Have you been fooling around with your friends?” After that it went on for 3 months, to this day I wonder with what courage!


When the moment our son turns 3, my ex-wife convinces herself that the child must always be in Mommy’s presence. Always as in: ALWAYS.

So not only could I not go alone even to get ice cream, but he had to be “homeschooled” in facilities she selected where moms could be present at all times.

I filed for divorce in 2017, she lives in the UK with him. She does not allow me to have ANY contact with him since then. I believe in justice, albeit slow for obvious reasons, and I will re-embrace my son.


A friend of mine says that her boyfriend will never leave her because he holds her hand her while taking a shit.


When I find multiple likes on instagram to (only) sexually posed photos of his cousin. “I wanted to support her” he told me when I looked upset. Too bad her proudly displayed fourth of boobs was supporting itself.


When after 3 years of relationship, a cohabitation, I received a phone call from what he called his ex-wife, in which he told me that since I was there, their relationship was going great. What is wrong with you people?


When your boyfriend says, “Honey, meet honey,” …referring to his car


When at the first date he told me “come and meet my grandmother”. Grandma was dead and buried in the cemetery and the great thing was that she couldn’t remember where the grave was. Grandma was never found.


When, after a few months of dating, I ask the level of seriousness of the relationship, so that I can adjust accordingly.

He calmly replies:

  • “I don’t want anything serious because I want to be able to see other girls besides you. However, I don’t want you to do the same because you are a female. You know how it is, don’t you?”
  • “No, what it’s like?”
  • “A key that opens all the doors is cool but a door that gets opened by all the keys is crap!”
  • " Right on man. Don’t add anything else."

Written By

Lauren Scott