The future of sex and sexuality

Sexuality is evolving rapidly and will take us beyond our limits of space, time and body. But will we still be able to remain human?

Thousands of apps like Tinder, Happn, Grindr or online dating sites , technology marches against loneliness. By now, even genetics is enlisted to help us figure out who we should spend the rest of our lives with. While the revolution of finding a romantic partner (real or platonic) electronically is unfolding before our eyes, the impact of technology in the bedroom has not been as immediate. But if technology permeates the entire terrain of human relationships, why should sex and sexuality be an exception?

technology permeates the entire terrain of human relationships

Reasons to join Harimirch dating in india

Online dating has gain popularity in the past few years. The best thing about online dating is the fact that we have now many dating apps to choose. Harimirch is one of the popular dating apps that we have today. Many people continue to join the site every day, and some have been successful in their search for love. If you are looking for love online, then you should probably try joining Harimirch. The process of joining the site is quite straightforward, and it will not take much of your time.

Dating apps put user information at risk

In an analysis by IBM , about 26 of the 41 dating apps studied on Android had vulnerabilities of medium and high severity.

More than 60 percent of the most popular dating app s on Google’s download store are potentially vulnerable to cyber attacks, which put users’ personal information at risk.

In an [analysis by IBM]

Extramarital adventures in Los Angeles: here’s why to get to know each other online

The desire for betrayal has always been inherent in every marital relationship, and that is why within stable couples, at least in one case out of two one of the partners (if not both) betray. In the largest city in California, until recently, the procedure for giving way to their desire to “meet” outside the marriage bed, followed the usual clichés tested and somewhat risky. They saw the identification of a meeting place, the subsequent physical knowledge, and the organization of the actual betrayal at an agreed “location”, in each of these stages was high risk of being discovered.

Sites that propose [casual encounters in los angeles]

Lately in the big cities, L.A. first, there is a consolidated trend that sees the search for betrayal through the exploitation of new information technologies. Sites that propose casual encounters in los angeles are proliferating, and the attention of users on such platforms is very high. Generally, the meeting starts with a detailed announcement, often accompanied by photos or videos. If it arouses interest, we proceed to the contact phase, a very important phase to explore the affinities of each of the possible future partners. In these first cases, the use of new technologies optimally safeguards the priority confidentiality of all participants in the meeting. This is very important especially in case the meeting should not go well, the risk of a possible discovery is in fact always high, given that anyway we proceed on the “minefield” of marital betrayal.