Although I am a cam-girl, I sell my image, not myself

I’ve never seen her face and I don’t know her real name. She’s about my age, describes herself as a normal girl, a trusted friend, someone who doesn’t let any opportunity pass her by. It could be you, it could be an acquaintance of yours: it could be anyone.

Tamara is the name she uses on her blog, a site where she tells about herself, about sex, about the world, with an eye to marketing: a window is always open on the live-show available, thanks to the web-cam.

I’m not selling myself, only my image is on display.

Tamara is a web-cam girl : she turns on the computer, wears a sexy outfit and then takes it off. But not always: some of her contacts ask her not to undress. In the interview she granted me, she will tell me that this is the strangest request she has ever heard…

It’s not sex, just voyeurism on the part of the viewer and exhibitionism on her part. She is careful to say, “I’m not selling myself, only my image is on display.” I provoke her, ask her why she didn’t go to be a saleswoman. She did, she’ll tell me, like a lot of other things. Then she decided it wasn’t worth wasting time earning little money, not to sacrifice college.

Tamara is a student, she has a boyfriend, parents. In the evening she turns on the PC, wears a sexy outfit and then takes it off. But not always: sometimes someone just wants to talk. And she goes back to being the trusted friend, the ordinary girl.

- Tamara, tell us who you are without revealing your identity.

I would say that I’m just an ordinary girl, a quiet university student, a sincere friend. Like all girls my age I like going out with friends, having fun, traveling. But I have an extra gear, I want to do and discover, change and grow. And that’s why I don’t let anything pass me by, you only live once, right? Carpe diem!

-The automatic criticism towards those who decide to round off their career by undressing on cam is: “But couldn’t she go and work as a saleswoman like the others? A slightly provocative question: but couldn’t you have gone into another part-time job?

The automatic response is, “Dear people, do you have the vaguest idea what a saleswoman’s hourly wage is? Exactly as much as 5 minutes of cam time.” I have tried every job a student can do, waitress, babysitter, saleswoman, hostess, even for several years. Result: little time to study and minimal earnings. I looked around and decided it was time to change things up.

-If your mom knew you were stripping on cam she would tell you.

She’ll never know.

-Do you have a boyfriend?

Yes, for a few years now.

- Does your boyfriend know about your alternative job? How do you live sex, considering that it is a job for you?

First of all, sex is not my job, I show myself on cam, I often get naked, sometimes it goes further. But I’m always alone, sex is something else. I sell my image, not myself. Of course my boyfriend knows this, he has supported me from the beginning, he knows I only play one part. And since I’m a webcam girl I have to say that our sex life has clearly evolved, I’m more aware of myself and my body. By now I dispense daily anti-monotony advice.

-Tell us, within the limits of the narrative, the strangest request you’ve ever heard: is there something that still shocks you?

By now I think I’ve seen them all, but among the strangest requests there is definitely the one not to undress. And there are many users who want to confide in me, to let themselves go, maybe tell me about the marriage that ended badly or about the girlfriend who doesn’t want to know how to transgress a little bit. After all, many are lonely people who want to vent, and of course to have fun.

-In many years you will look back on this experience with. (give me three terms that you imagine will represent your future state of mind)

Irony, nostalgia, satisfaction.

-How do you feel about men contacting you? If it were your own, how would you react?

I don’t like to judge, the reasons these people contact me are the most varied and I’m certainly not there to say if they do good or bad. Mine doesn’t need to contact another, he has a live one at his disposal. Just in case he does, I’d like to participate as well, of course….

-Is stripping in front of the cam just a job for you or do you still have fun doing it?

It depends on the person in front of me, there are those who are good at it and can take you and those who only think about their pleasure.

-How much do you earn?

I certainly don’t scrape by, I make a good living and I manage to save money too. And I’ve said it all.

-Would you recommend this job to your friends? If yes, can you tell us why?

Obviously yes, you earn good money, you have fun, you don’t have hours or constraints. I decide how, when and how much. You just have to know how to put yourself out there and not take yourself too seriously. Not everyone would be able to do that, it’s not just a matter of exhibitionism as people think.

-Have you ever met one of your contacts?

No. It doesn’t even cross my mind.

Written By

Lauren Scott

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