How to conquer a girl online

It never happened to me to find my soul mate through a chat, instagram and facebook, usually these are my virtual hangouts where I chat a bit with my friends and spend a few hours in front of a screen, but I know well the success of how to conquer a girl on social networks.

 find my soul mate through a chat, instagram and facebook

Sooner or later I know that I too will be sucked into the tunnel of social networks but for now I prefer to relate to people by looking into their eyes.

I don’t like distances and as long as I can when I’m attracted to a guy I try to create a less virtual relationship as possible starting with courtship.

The secret on how to conquer a girl on facebook and what not to do..

In all sincerity I don’t know the secret to be able to conquer a girl through msn, I can however surely tell you something because it happened to me to meet people in chat, also nice and interesting, but for my tastes too curious and sometimes too intrusive.

One of the reasons that led me to stop responding to private messages, because for me it was no longer fun to converse, so you can start already from this point, and I would say that intrusiveness is certainly not good for you. Having a conversation on a chat room does not mean that we can say and act without a minimum of control everything that goes through our heads.

If in real life we can be ourselves and try to understand what he wants and what he likes the person who attracts us, we must also manage to do so during a conversation on msn.

So basically how to do to conquer a girl on facebook or instagram ?

So either you follow the instructions that give the communities on how to conquer a girl on social or you follow your instincts simply. Being yourself even in chat is the real secret.

One of our writers also adds :

I’ve never used Instagram as a communication channel so much…. But I think that it is not a question of which channel you use… I think that in general there are some standard rules to respect in order to have a satisfactory communication.

One of the most important, in my opinion, is not to stress the person you are interested in with trills, messages or other things. No “I’m looking at you all the time” mode.

I say this because I’ve had to delete people from my Instagram friends because they wouldn’t let me be quiet for a second!

And then right after that comes trying not to build a character in online conversations… But it’s important (as well as in everyday life) to try to be yourself!!!

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Lauren Scott

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